OLIVER RAY — Out Passed Nowhere

OLIVER RAY — Out Passed Nowhere

Debut album featuring Patti Smith and Howe Gelb

Out Passed Nowhere is the debut solo album from Oliver Ray.

The album features special guests including Patti Smith and Howe Gelb.

The European release is forthcoming on Royal Oakie Records via Cargo, in CD & vinyl formats; expected release 15th July 2022.

Recruited by Patti Smith in 1995, Oliver Ray went from being a New York City street poet noise guitar player to full-time member of her band for the next ten years, honing his skills as a songwriter.

Centred around Ray’s songwriting, the album finds him backed by a kaleidoscopic array of guest performers from the San Francisco Bay Area, Tucson, and New York City.

Ray’s transcendent tunes are brought to life in stunning widescreen by members of Giant Sand, incuding Howe Gelb, and members of Sugar Candy Mountain, The Myrrors, Xixa, China, plus a special appearance from the high priestess and poet laureate of punk herself, Patti Smith, who guests on Best Game In Town. The album also features Bob Dylan drummer Winston Watson on Queen of Never.

Out Passed Nowhere was produced by Oliver Ray and the head of Royal Oakie Records, David Glasebrook.


  • Produced by David Glasebrook and Oliver Ray
  • Recorded at Wyldwood—Berkeley, CA; Waterworks—Tucson, AZ; Dust and Stone—Tucson, AZ; and various home studios in AZ, CA, and NY
  • Mixed by David Glasebrook, except ‘Ol Coyote’, ‘Best Game in Town’, and ‘Tower and the Star’ mixed by Craig Schumacher at Wavelab—Tucson, AZ
  • Recorded by David Glasebrook, Jim Waters, Mike Walti, Gabriel Sullivan, and Oliver Ray
  • Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering—Boston, MA
  • Lacquers cut by John Golden at Golden Mastering—Ventura, CA
  • All songs by Oliver Ray
  • Artwork by Sebastiaan Bremer
  • Photo by Anna Jo Phipps
  • Design and layout by Yasamine June


'Ol’ Coyote'

  • David Glasebrook-Backing vocals, acoustic guitar, hi-strung electric guitar, percussion
  • Raphi Gottesman-Drums
  • Yasamine June-Backing Vocals
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, electric guitar
  • Jesse Toews-Bass Guitar


  • David Glasebrook-Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals, organ, percussion
  • Raphi Gottesman-Drums
  • Yasamine June-Backing Vocals
  • Jeff Moller-Bass guitar
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, acoustic guitar

'Setting Sun'

  • David Glasebrook-Acoustic guitar, backing vocals, bells
  • Raphi Gottesman-Drums
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Jesse Toews-Bass Guitar

'Best Game in Town'

  • Connor “Catfish” Gallagher-Electric Guitar
  • David Glasebrook-Bass Guitar, backing vocals, hi-strung electric guitar, synthesizer
  • Yasamine June-Backing vocals
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Patti Smith-Vocals
  • Larry Vann-Drums

'Bye Beautiful'

  • David Glasebrook-Backing vocals, organ
  • Raphi Gottesman-Drums
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Jesse Toews-Bass Guitar

'Tower and the Star'

  • Cornelius Dufalo-Violin
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano loop
  • Gabriel Sullivan-Drums, Upright Bass

'Queen of Never'

  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar
  • Winston Watson-Drums

'Wise Blood'

  • Howe Gelb-Piano
  • David Glasebrook-Tremolo guitar
  • Fen Ikner-Feedback Guitar
  • Wade Raley-Backing Vocals
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, acoustic guitar, feedback

'Edge City'

  • Connor “Catfish” Gallagher-Pedal Steel
  • David Glasebrook-Piano, synthesizer
  • Oliver Ray-Vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar
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