ROYAL OAKIE - Playlist 2023

ROYAL OAKIE - Playlist 2023

Bringing you some of the best music of the year

Royal Oakie Records has been busy in 2023 releasing top quality albums and singles.

Several of these are debut releases or solo debut album releases (from Holy Matter, Jeff Moller, Strange Pilgrim, and Asha Wells) or Royal Oakie label album debuts (Go By Ocean, Half Stack, and Micheal James Tapscott). Our playlist - see below - is all new music.

Their artists come from across America: Austin TX, Brooklyn NY, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Portland OR, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland and the Bay Area, Tucson AZ, and Visalia CA.

Our Royal Oakie Playlist - ten favourite tracks for you from this year...

Michael James Tapscott - Leopard Print Coat

Go By Ocean - Should Have Known

Asha Wells - Up In A Cloud

Holy Matter - Eve's Hollywood (debut single)

Well Well Well - Accents And Accidents

Jeff Moller - Sand, Salt Crystals

Half Stack - Burnt

Credit Electric - House Of Cancer

Bard's Flying Vessel - Fortune Wheel

Strange Pilgrim - Salt And Seagulls (from the European album release)

Playlist compiled by Mal Smith

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