MICHAEL JAMES TAPSCOTT — 'Charlie No-Face' salutes Raymond

MICHAEL JAMES TAPSCOTT — 'Charlie No-Face' salutes Raymond

Raymond was injured in an accident, cruelly nicknamed 'Charlie No-Face' and ostracised. This is MJT's salute to Raymond.

On December 15th 2023, Royal Oakie Records will release the new EP from Michael James Tapscott titled 'Charlie No-Face'.

The EP will consist of five previously unreleased songs. The title track is a tribute to a real person named Raymond Robinson (1910-1985) from Pennsylvania.

Raymond was badly injured in an accident as a boy, cruelly nicknamed 'Charlie No-Face' and largely ostracised from society. This track is MJT's salute to Raymond.

Track list:

  1. Michael in Nashville (featuring Jeff Moller)
  2. Charlie No-Face
  3. Police Patrol the Border (featuring Ed Askew)
  4. Donner Lake Village
  5. Cheap Hotel Reprise (featuring Aux Meadows)

Private stream of the title track:

The lyrics of 'Charlie No-Face':

"Charlie No-Face" song lyrics (c) Michael James Tapscott.pdf 35 KB

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Michael James Tapscott in Locke CA in 2023
Michael James Tapscott in Locke CA in 2023

Michael James Tapscott is a San Francisco Bay Area musician. He has recorded and performed as China, More Animals of the Arctic, Odawas, Pacific Walker, Royal Geography Society, and now does so under his own name. Nearly four years in the making, his new album pulls together disparate strands to create a captivating collection, a great montage.

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