Superb debut album features dazzling array of talent

Sigh Baby is the solo debut album by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Moller. The album finds him exploring his life, ideas and background in indie-rock, garage, psych, and country through ten life anthems. Something like a sublime fog-pop Tom Petty.

Jeff Moller has played in many bands: Sugar Candy Mountain, Papercuts, China, Michael James Tapscott, Odawas, Young Moon, Painted Shrines, Magic Magic Roses, July, and more.

Building on his experience as a musician, the album features contributions from friends and current and former bandmates, including members of Sugar Candy Mountain, Papercuts, Michael James Tapscott, Young Moon, Indianna Hale, and Magic Magic Roses.

At the dawn of the pandemic Moller found himself off the road and between jobs, living in an apartment in Oakland, CA. Impressed by his writing and arranging, producer and label owner David Glasebrook encouraged him to start writing more of his own songs.

For the first time in a long time Moller found himself exploring his own musical interests and unique sensibilities, discovering his voice as a writer.

Soon Moller was laying down basic tracks with Jason Quever (Papercuts) at Jason's studio in the small town of Crockett, CA and doing overdubs at home.

Feeling restless, Moller made the move to Nashville, TN in 2021. Glasebrook and Moller continued working on the album, sharing notes and sending files back and forth over email.

Moller, who now splits his time between Oakland and Nashville, later returned to the Bay Area and mixed the album with David Glasebrook at David's studio in Oakland.

It’s a pleasure to hear Moller bring his own songs to life, full of his trademark sardonic humor, catchy melodic hooks, harmonies, and colorful arrangements. His former bandmates return the favor, including Jason Quever on drums for most of the album, plus featured artists Sugar Candy Mountain on Another Name, Michael James Tapscott on Counting Waves, Young Moon on Raphi and Me, Indianna Hale on Sad To See the Sun Go Down, and more.

The first single Sad To See the Sun Go Down (out now) features contributions from Jason Quever (Papercuts), Michael James Tapscott, Indianna Hale, and Dust Collector aka Jason Cirimele. "Apparently I can find the sadness in anything, like when I’m flanked by all my friends singing in perfect harmony. The moment is fleeting. Beautiful sunsets, perfect days, and an intangible sadness are on full display here," says Moller.

Album credits & release details

Album credits:

  • Jeff Moller - Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion
  • Ash Reiter - Backing vocals (10)
  • David Glasebrook - Backing vocals (1,2,3,5) and piano (1)
  • Indianna Hale - Backing vocals (1,9)
  • Jason Cirimele - Drums (4), backing vocals (1)
  • Jason Quever - Drums (1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9)
  • Kate Sweeney - Backing vocals (7)
  • Kyle Skelton - Backing vocals (3,6)
  • Michael James Tapscott - Backing vocals (1,8)
  • Trevor Montgomery - Electric guitar (4)
  • Will Halsey - Drums (10)
  • Produced by David Glasebrook and Jeff Moller
  • Engineered by Jeff Moller, Jason Cirimele, David Glasebrook, Will Halsey, Jason Quever
  • Recorded in San Francisco, CA; Oakland, CA; Nashville, TN; Crockett, CA
  • Mixed and mastered by David Glasebrook
  • Words and music by Jeff Moller
  • Photography by Kellyn Loehr
  • Design & layout by Kellyn Loehr and Aaron Hubbard

Release details:

  • Artist: Jeff Moller
  • Album title: Sigh Baby
  • US/Canada digital/physical release date: September 22nd 2023
  • UK/Europe physical release date: October 6th 2023
  • Bandcamp Link
  • Formats: Digital, CD, and Cassette

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Track Notes & Lyrics:

Jeff Moller "Sigh Baby" track notes.docx 8 KB Jeff Moller "Sigh Baby" lyrics.pdf 62 KB

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