JEFF MOLLER — Another Name

JEFF MOLLER — Another Name

His Royal Oakie debut, featuring Sugar Candy Mountain

Another Name, featuring Sugar Candy Mountain, is the new single from Jeff Moller. The single is being released on October 14th 2022 as part of Royal Oakie’s 10th Anniversary singles series / special compilation.

Moller plays Royal Oakie's 10th Anniversary Festival at The Balboa Theater, San Francisco on October 23rd 2022 RSVP.

Moller, from Oakland, CA, has recorded and toured with many artists, including Sugar Candy Mountain; Papercuts; Young Moon; Odawas; China, his own band in collaboration with Michael James Tapscott; and more. 

Now he's stepping out on his own to make his Royal Oakie debut with Another Name.

Produced and mixed by David Glasebrook, the song features Sugar Candy Mountain’s Ash Reiter on backing vocals and Will Halsey on drums.

“I was in between tours and in between apartments. And on a day of collaboration with Sugar Candy Mountain, I recorded bass on a song of theirs called The End which came out last year. Then I presented this song, where Will Halsey recorded drums and Ash Reiter recorded harmonies. Another Name is inspired by an ex-girlfriend, with contrasting sections about the good times and the trying times. It was a new idea for me, at the time, to be writing about anything emotional, and I think it unlocked a new trajectory in my songwriting,” says Moller.

Hear the new song (private):

Jeff Moller's debut album is due in 2023 from Royal Oakie.

Moller plays Royal Oakie's 10th Anniversary Festival at The Balboa Theater, San Francisco on October 23rd 2022 RSVP.

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