CREDIT ELECTRIC — six | news

CREDIT ELECTRIC — six | news

From the album six...

Here is news of the new video 'house of cancer' directed by Curtis Z Austin and Asha Wells. With additional editing by Billie 0cean.

See the video, released September 29th 2023...

Credit Electric have two upcoming shows in November 2023:

11/17 - House Show - Los Angeles, CA

11/18 - Martial Arts - Oakland, CA

Credit Electric's six is a 10-track collection of recordings written and produced by Ryan LoPilato, due for US/Canada and worldwide digital release October 20th 2023, with UK/EU cassette and CD release scheduled for January 12th 2024. Vinyl release date is TBC.

The band is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. six features contributions from Judith Horn, Evan Hiller, Paul Montes, Alex Miner, Cameron Iturri-Carpenter, Lanéya Billingsley (Billie 0cean), Brian Ellis, and Eva Goodman (Nighttime).

Ryan LoPilato on the album six:

"In the Quran and in the book of Genesis the heavens and earth were created in six days. There are six lines in a hexagram, found in cosmological diagrams in Hinduism and Buddhism. There are six points in the seal of Solomon and the star of David. Saxophones have six tone holes, guitars have six strings.
The album was mostly recorded in a ceramic warehouse with a claw-foot bathtub, where I was living... The songs are hushed, pensive and reflective, and together are meant to ‘spell out’ the number six."

For full album information and to hear the album...

Guests include Eva Goodman (Nighttime) & Judith Horn

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