Guests include Eva Goodman (Nighttime) & Judith Horn

Credit Electric's six is a 10-track collection of recordings written and produced by Ryan LoPilato (pictured above), due for US/Canada and worldwide digital release October 20th 2023, with UK/EU cassette and CD release scheduled for March 1st 2024. Vinyl release date is TBC.

The band is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following their 2022 release out of love in the face of a shadow, six features contributions from Judith Horn, Evan Hiller, Paul Montes, Alex Miner, Cameron Iturri-Carpenter, Lanéya Billingsley (Billie 0cean), Brian Ellis, and Eva Goodman (Nighttime).

The new album was produced and mixed by Ryan LoPilato, with additional mixing by Paul Montes, and mastered by David Glasebrook. Hear it below...

Ryan LoPilato on six:

"There are six elements of tragedy. I’m not really a theater person at all but I appreciate the original intention of tragedy: pain awakening pleasure. Other synchronicities also provoked the title. In the Quran and in the book of Genesis the heavens and earth were created in six days. There are six lines in a hexagram, found in cosmological diagrams in Hinduism and Buddhism. There are six points in the seal of Solomon and the star of David. Saxophones have six tone holes, guitars have six strings.

Most of the bass and keyboard used on the record was made by Yamaha, which has six letters. Yamaha means ‘mountain blade’ which is a reflection of a samurai’s legacy. Six is a military term for what is behind you. It takes about six months to recover from the breakup of a long term relationship. The album carries a theme of being present in reflection.

The lyrics have multiple meanings. For example in ‘ghost pine eyes,’ the first lines are “columbine over distant memories, I can’t hide in the cemetery of my dreams.” I like to use words like Columbine. It’s a mountain flower that can symbolize Freya the Norse goddess of fertility. In Shakespearean symbology it can represent faithless love, and in contemporary history it recalls a mass shooting. I tried to keep that depth consistent with every line.

I came across Eva Goodman’s music, as Nighttime, specifically the song ‘Forsthyia’ and listened to it a lot. I reached out to her to set up a performance. Credit Electric and Nighttime played a show in the Hudson Valley together at a biodynamic farm, and I found out I had sent her a self-released cassette years before. We talked about collaborating and she plays violin and sings backing vocals on the song Billie.

The album was mostly recorded in a ceramic warehouse with a claw-foot bathtub, where I was living. Other songs were recorded in a studio apartment where I lived alone for the first time and at Alex and Paul’s rehearsal studio. The songs are hushed, pensive and reflective, and together are meant to ‘spell out’ the number six."

Ryan LoPilato of Credit Electric
Ryan LoPilato of Credit Electric

Album credits:

  • Produced and mixed by Ryan LoPilato
  • Additional mixing by Paul Montes
  • Mastered by David Glasebrook
  • All songs by Ryan John LoPilato © 2023
  • Ryan LoPilato - Voice, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Sampling
  • Judith Horn - Tenor Saxophone
  • Evan Hiller - Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Alex Miner - Drums
  • Paul Montes - Bass Guitar
  • Cameron Iturri-Carpenter - Guitar
  • Lanéya Billingsley (Billie 0cean) - Keyboard
  • Eva Goodman (Nighttime) - Violin, Voice
  • Brian Ellis - Clarinet
  • Cover art by Lanéya Billingsley (Billie 0cean) and Ryan LoPilato

Release dates & formats:

  • phony (single) - September 15th 2023
  • house of cancer (video) - September 29th 2023
  • $@Lt & phony & Shadows of Doves (combined video) | + six (album release in US/Canada + worldwide digital) - October 20th 2023 (Cassette Week)
  • six (album release in UK/EU on cassette & CD) - March 1st 2024
  • Bandcamp Link
  • Latest (video + live dates)
  • Album formats: cassette, CD & digital | vinyl album release date is TBC
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