WELL WELL WELL — Palm Springs  album & 2023 National Tour Dates

WELL WELL WELL — Palm Springs album & 2023 National Tour Dates

We are pleased to announce new National US/Canada Tour Dates - please see below.

Well Well Well, from San Diego, California include songwriter Seton Edgerton and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Nichols. Their new album "Palm Springs" - out now - combines breezy yacht-rock melodies with Mattson 2 psychedelic jazz arrangements and musicianship to splendid effect.

Produced by The Mattson 2, the album features twin brothers Jared and Jonathan Mattson on every track. You might know The Mattsons from their collaboration with Toro y Moi (2017's "Star Stuff") or their full album tribute to "A Love Supreme" released in 2018. "Star Stuff" charted #1 on Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts. Their follow-up "Paradise" charted #1 on Contemporary Jazz, #2 on Jazz, #20 on Alternative.

The "Palm Springs" album started with songwriting sessions at cabins scattered throughout California at inspirational vortexes from Joshua Tree to Mt Palomar. Well Well Well had begun to explore this approach on releases like 2018’s “Poptimism” EP, a collaboration with California indie rockers Gardens and Villa.

Edgerton and Nichols hooked up with Jared and Jonathan Mattson back in San Diego. The team gathered at Jared’s ocean view cabin built by his Dad in the greened-out 70’s, laying down drum, bass, and guitars. They reconvened after the Mattson’s returned from a tour and finished the album in about a week.

Local characters from the neighborhood made it onto the album, including Jared’s pet snake and a neighborhood hawk featured on I’m Not Him. Influenced by 70’s AOR, Japanese City Pop, and lo-fi indie psych, the group explored uncharted waters of modern indie pop and ended up with an album that perfectly combines the improvisational jazz instincts of The Mattson 2 with the catchy songwriting of Well Well Well.

David Glasebrook of Royal Oakie Records encouraged the duo to add a suite of interludes to weave the tracks together. An album of break-ups, make-ups, old habits and new beginnings, "Palm Springs" explores themes of self-confidence during times of great change; further reinforcing the notion that to share love and happiness with others you need to take good care of yourself. A balm for the sun-drenched cynicism of Southern California.

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Track Notes

“What’s Wrong With You”

The album opens with a long Curtis Mayfield style funk/soul intro in “What’s wrong with you” that paints the landscape lyrically for what’s to come.

“Modern Times”

The album’s first interlude “Modern times” makes sure to remind everybody that they’re in this for a good time.

I’m Not Him”

“I’m Not Him” is reminiscent of an old Japanese city pop track that grounds itself in not being who/what others deflect onto you. 

“Palm Springs”

The title track “Palm Springs” is where the album finds its home, and where Seton has spent a lot of time finding peace in a chaotic world of trying to keep up; an oasis in the desert with a bottomless well of inspiration that keeps pulling him back. Unknown Mortal Orchestra style guitars, overdriven drums, and doowop vocals honoring the music of the 50s that so many people have found in the martini lounges and cocktail bars of Palm Springs over the years.

“Pool House”

The laid-back feeling of blissful disconnection within the modern world.

“July til June”

 “July til June” struts out with a “Ricki Don’t Lose That Number” vibe; a new lease in love and life, a summer romance that takes over the mind all year round.

“TV Guide”

“TV Guide” was the beginning of taking the distraction beyond the screen, addiction beyond habitual and the beginning of the nightly ritual of couch & entertainment, disconnectedness and numbness. It’s easier to tune in and turn off than to turn in and reflect.


 “Saguaro” is an instrumental track that starts to wind down the album into the desert at night, wandering with nowhere in particular to go. West Indian flutes delivered digitally via Fiverr and coyote howls.

“On Your Own”

“On Your Own” is the album closer, offering a resolution to what was a back and forth of self-confidence and self worth. Being confident on your own and knowing that you only have yourself to keep happy and only then can you offer the gift of company with others.

Album Credits

  • Jonathan Mattson: Drums, Arrangement & Producer
  • Jared Mattson: Engineer, Producer, Mixing & Arrangement, Guitars, Synthesizers
  • Dan Nichols: Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Percussion
  • Seton Edgerton: Vocals, Guitars
  • Mixed by Jared Mattson
  • Mastered by David Glasebrook
  • Executive Producer: David Glasebrook
  • Songwriters: Seton Edgerton & Dan Nichols
  • Tracked in the Cliffside Cabin of Jared Mattson in Rancho Santa Fe, California

USA/Canada 2023 Tour with Donny Benét

  • 22 Feb — Paper Tiger, San Antonio, TX
  • 23 Feb — Parish, Austin, TX
  • 24 Feb — Deep Ellum Art Co, Dallas, TX
  • 26 Feb — Terminal West, Atlanta, GA
  • 28 Feb — Union Stage, Washington DC
  • 02 Mar — Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA
  • 03 Mar —  Irving Plaza, New York, NY
  • 04 Mar —  The Sinclair, Boston, MA
  • 05 Mar — Le Studio TD, Montreal, QC
  • 07 Mar — The Axis Club, Toronto, ON
  • 09 Mar — Thalia Hall, Chicago, IL
  • 10 Mar — recordBar, Kansas City, MO
  • 11 Mar — Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO
  • 12 Mar — Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
  • 14 Mar — The Crocodile, Seattle, WA
  • 15 Mar — Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
  • 17 Mar — Bimbo's 365, San Francisco, CA
  • 18 Mar — Regent Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Album Release

Palm Springs ​ — out now on Digital, CD, Cassette

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