SEA DRAMAS —  Running Thoughts | the striking new video

SEA DRAMAS —  Running Thoughts | the striking new video

Introducing the striking new video Running Thoughts released February 2nd 2024. It's a mini-masterpiece of film-making and music combined. And what's in that suitcase?

Royal Oakie Records' David Glasebrook has given us some insights:

"The Running Thoughts video was filmed at locations in Santa Cruz and Monterey County on the California Coast, including Moss Landing, Elkhorn Slough, Watsonville, and more. The locations are close by the namesake of the label, Royal Oaks Park in Watsonville, and nearby the city where Royal Oakie was founded, Santa Cruz, CA. The railroad track is the Union Pacific Coast Line. It runs freight and passenger trains from Burbank, California to San Francisco along the coast. And the actor is Scott Pettersen himself, of Sea Dramas. The brilliant director and cinematographer is Roland Nikolai Bruckner."

The track is from the gorgeous new album Escape Scenes by Sea Dramas.

Running Thoughts - lyrics by Scott Pettersen © 2024

Fate is so obtuse

no hard proof just plain old truth

if you stay another day

my memory wouldn’t need to reevaluate

my thoughts they run away with you

Fain to follow soon

postulate my servitude

it starts to spark, it’s safe to say

when you’re away my mind doesn’t hesitate my thoughts they run away with you

my thoughts they run away with you

it could happen it could be real

Video Still - Sea Dramas - Running Thoughts
Video Still - Sea Dramas - Running Thoughts

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SEA DRAMAS —  Escape Scenes
Darkness, sadness, escape, light and joy from Scott Pettersen

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