ROYAL OAKIE | Anniversary Sampler Track List Revealed

ROYAL OAKIE | Anniversary Sampler Track List Revealed

Here is the track list:

  1. Brim - "California Gold"
  2. Go By Ocean - "Say Man"
  3. Whiskerman featuring Kelly McFarling - "The Kid"
  4. Strange Pilgrim featuring Kelly McFarling - "Staring at the Sky"
  5. Michael James Tapscott - "Ramona and Child"
  6. Credit Electric - "here 4 u (remix)"
  7. Deep Ellum - "La Bahia Blues"
  8. Sandy's - "Namaste Summer Babe"
  9. Zeb Zaitz - "Wilderness of Mirrors"
  10. Evan Myall - "Prelude > Forever Mine"
  11. Natural Bridges - "Magic Hour"
  12. Well Well Well - 'Palm Springs"
  13. Shadowgraphs - "Stills"
  14. Jeff Moller featuring Sugar Candy Mountain - "Another Name"
  15. Oliver Ray featuring Patti Smith - "Best Game In Town"
  16. Lauren Helene Green - "Dim Sunset Drive"

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