MICHAEL JAMES TAPSCOTT — first solo EP release is on Royal Oakie

MICHAEL JAMES TAPSCOTT — first solo EP release is on Royal Oakie

Michael James Tapscott is a San Francisco Bay Area musician, who has recorded and performed as Odawas, China, Royal Geography Society, More Animals of the Arctic, Pacific Walker, and most recently under his own name. Michael, the Worst is his new EP, released December 2nd 2022, featuring five songs that draw upon loner folk, ambient country, atmospheric soundtracks, and new age.

It's as if he wants to tie together his music of the past decade. The EP pays homage to his back catalog – including reimagined versions of two China songs (“Marnie Reprise” and “Honey Trap Reprise”); one unreleased China song (“Michael, the Worst”); and also contains two new solo songs (“Luxembourg Gardens” and “Evacuation City”).

Two of these songs are wonderful instrumentals, “Marnie Reprise” and “Honey Trap Reprise”, drawing upon the soundtracks of Popol Vuh and Angelo Badalamenti, the devotional music of Alice Coltrane, and the shimmering guitar of early Michael Hedges.

The other three combine folk-rock melodies and textures with lyrics that play out like fragments of memories half remembered, half forgotten. “Luxembourg Gardens” was inspired by reading Les Miserables, and “Evacuation City” came to Michael in a dream.

The EP features contributions from Jeff Moller, Raphi Gottesman, Josh Housh, Jacob Aranda, and producer David Glasebrook. Credits and lyrics are available below.

Following two albums by China, Pool of Tears (2016) and And Then Nothing Happened (2019), this EP is MJT's first solo release with Oakland, CA based Royal Oakie Records, currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary, apart from one song on Royal Oakie's brilliant Anniversary Compilation.

Bandcamp EP link: https://michaeljtapscott.bandcamp.com/album/michael-the-worst

The China albums can be heard here:

A new album from Michael James Tapscott will be forthcoming in 2023.

MJT's Track Notes

Marnie Reprise - I like plot, loathe a dream sequence, abhor a philosophical discussion, and possess a linear mind that demands proper order.

Luxembourg Gardens - I wept while finishing Les Miserables. I loved the musical, but the stir I felt from the original text surpassed even “Do You Hear the People Sing?”. Oh, I’ve been to France. I saw the flying buttresses of Notre Dame from a distance. I learned nothing. I drank in pool halls and spent a lot of money.

Evacuation City - Remember I said that I abhor a dream sequence? This song came to me in a dream, the chorus fully formed. I was singing it to an appreciative audience. I even woke up and made a voice memo. Incredible, right? The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a real thing, we may all be grateful for it someday.

Michael, The Worst - This song was recorded in Jeff Moller’s bedroom before he skipped town and another band joined the ranks in the land of fuzzy memory. All members of China the band being present, this is a lost China track technically, but the self-effacing humor and admissions of awfulness is all me. I'm not god’s lonely man, I have codependency issues.

Honey Trap Reprise - I love the fretless bass. It is one of my favorite sounds. Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks soundtrack is a sacred text. Michael Hedges is a king. Popol Vuh was the greatest band of them all. Even the yoga albums from the 90s are underrated.

Michael, The Worst EP cover artwork
Michael, The Worst EP cover artwork
MJT live at Balboa Theater in San Francisco 2022. Photo credit Emi Visual Arts.
MJT live at Balboa Theater in San Francisco 2022. Photo credit Emi Visual Arts.

MJT EP release show:

12/16/22 - Little Hill Lounge - El Cerrito, CA

"Michael, the Worst" EP credits "Michael, the Worst" EP credits.pdf - 14 KB "Michael, the Worst" EP lyrics "Michael, the Worst" EP lyrics.pdf - 43 KB

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