LAUREN HELENE GREEN — Outer Highway Realms

LAUREN HELENE GREEN — Outer Highway Realms

A wonderful blend of all seasons and overlapping time

“Outer Highway Realms” is the debut solo instrumental album from Lauren Helene Green.

Lauren Helene Green is a multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, and woodworker from Texas currently living in Northern New Mexico. Half of the duo Tan Cologne, Green is a shaper of music, wood, and creative projects inspired by both earthly and otherworldly landscapes.

Green recorded eight songs over the course of a week in Ranchos de Taos, NM, in the frosted Winter to early Spring cross-fade of 2022, making “Outer Highway Realms” a collection of observations on New Mexico's slow desert, echoes of time and space, morning reflections, sunset drives, guitar meanderings through hot springs, canyon loop walks, and visions floating. Nature sounds and ambient snippets are woven in, creating a blend of all seasons and overlapping time.

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Album cover artwork
Album cover artwork

Lauren's track notes:

Canyon Loop

Inspired by a scenic trail we walk with our dog Cowboy. The song moves throughout winding streams, plant life, interesting rocks and mica found along the way and gleaming moments of the path. It ends at a lookout point where we observe, smell the Pinyon Pine and make a loop back around.

Cactus Bloom

The morphing life a cactus in bloom experiences during Spring. The music follows the journey and transition from a long Winter slumber to the newly blossomed entity.

Peak Morning Reflections

An early morning meditation of the waking sun rising over a mountain peak while coffee steams and birds find their morning songs.

Horses at Fire Water Lodge

Came to me in a dream. After a journey in the southwest, many horses arrive at a hot spring in Truth or Consequences, NM. The song follows their lengthy trip and finds hazy moments in the sun, shimmering landscapes, restful stops, all the while with a slow moving momentum amid dreams of a soft arrival to find an oasis.

Slow River

As a micro focus on a portion of the Rio Grande river flowing in slow motion, Slow River is a reflection on taking time to observe water movements and the tiny moments of magic that happen within a day. Sun reflections, mineral swirls, luminous particles, small shifts in flow, creature interactions, resilient underwater plants.

Wind Full of Spring

Titled after a Jonas Mekas quote, Wind Full of Spring is a layered composition of nature field recordings, an earthy acoustic foundation representing an unfrozen, dry dirt ground, swells of synths and stirring guitars bring forth upcoming Beltane celebrations.

Walk at Dusk

A meditative sunset inspired by evening walks on a dusty road woven together by a dim hum of a resonating tanpura and slow acoustic guitar meanderings. Dynamic shimmers reflect last moments of remaining sunlight.

Dim Sunset Drive

Cruising parallel to a fading sunset in the distance, Dim Sunset Drive soaks in the remaining brilliant colors of a red tinted sky. Dim sunset is one of my favorite times to drive, so I felt inspired to capture this phenomenon in sonic form.

The singles / videos Canyon Loop and Horses at Fire Water Lodge are forthcoming releases.

Here is a private preview album player:

Lauren Helene Green - Outer Highway Realms

Canyon Loop - single / video - August 26th 2022

Horses at Fire Water Lodge - single / video - September 23rd 2022

US/Canada digital, CD and cassette album release due October 7th 2022

UK/Europe digital album release due October 7th 2022

UK/Europe CD release date TBC

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