IAIN MANN ft SANDY'S — the visionary album Magic Tracks

IAIN MANN ft SANDY'S — the visionary album Magic Tracks

Vision-inspired debut album from UK-based American

Magic Tracks is the debut album by UK-based American singer-songwriter Iain Mann. Produced by Mann in collaboration with Alexi Glickman of Sandy’s, the warm sounds of Magic Tracks convey Mann’s colorful portraits of heroes, villains, and loved ones. Raised in Berkeley, CA and Lima, Peru, and currently based in London, UK, Mann wrote and recorded the album during Covid-19 quarantine time, sheltering with his wife and kids in Edinburgh, Scotland. Consequently, their voices pepper the songs, adding an extra charm. Other parts were recorded by musicians in Berlin, Los Angeles, Marin County, Oakland, and Seattle.

This remarkable new album release showcases Mann’s range as a singer, songwriter, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, recalling the vibes of The White Album and Smiley Smile, the songcraft of Big Star, and the late-night tales of Elliott Smith. Mann and co-producer Alexi Glickman met in college at UC Santa Cruz more than 20 years ago, then played together in a band called Lesterjett and developed a friendship forged over the pursuit of timeless and transcendent songwriting. Fittingly, the album’s title track 'Magic Tracks' was inspired by a psilocybin experience which called Iain back to those years among the ancient redwood forests of Santa Cruz. “I was visited by crazy, dancing sages - the Buddha was there, and so was Professor Calculus from Tintin - and the ancient roots of California's sequoias revealed many secrets. The geometry of the walls dissolved, and when I came back from the trip, I was free from depression for the first time in years,” says Mann.

'Fugue of the Wino (Con Fuga De Wayno)' and 'Saya For Molly' both pull from Mann’s childhood years spent in Peru and his ensuing fascination with Andean folk music. The former track’s folk music outro was played by Mann himself on quena, charango and guitar, while the latter’s rhythm is based on the Afro-Bolivian Saya. 'Room For You' is a plea for the return of tolerance, “a vision for what comes after the age of division,” as Mann puts it. 'Max' was “written for a good friend. Our protagonist, Max, a troubled music scholar, is uncovering lost connections between JS Bach and Isaac Newton. Misunderstood and persecuted, but smarter and tougher than all the naysayers.” The closing sequence of 'Baby Zora', 'Sandy Says', 'Nothing On California', and 'Alright Here' seems to nod to Paul McCartney’s Side B medley on Abbey Road. 'Nothing On California' was “written while I was living on a narrowboat in England, dreaming of road trips under big American skies,” adds Mann.

Album tasters 'Max', 'Room For You' and 'Magic Tracks'...

Iain Mann is joined by a wonderful cast of musicians including multi-instrumentalist Alexi Glickman (Sandy’s); drummers Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine), Cody Rhodes (Skyway Man, Curls), and Rob Mills (French Cassettes, Spooky Mansion); vocalist Xo Mai Eng-Mann; and childhood friend Lorenzo Farrell, whose organ playing adds a distinctive touch to the album, recalling Procol Harum and The Band. Alongside Alexi Glickman, David Glasebrook mixed and mastered the album at his studio in Oakland, CA, while Austin, TX based graphic artist William Gaynor designed the album cover, inspired by Mann’s rebirth amid the redwoods.

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Release details

  • Artist: Iain Mann featuring Sandy’s
  • Album Title: Magic Tracks
  • US/Canada physical and worldwide digital release date: April 26th 2024
  • Note: UK/EU physical release date: June 28th 2024
  • Album formats: Digital, CD, Cassette
  • Bandcamp link https://iainmann.bandcamp.com/album/magic-tracks from April 5th
  • First single release: 'Fugue of the Wino (Con Fuga De Wayno)' on April 5th 2024
  • Second single release: 'Sandy Says' on April 19th 2024

Album credits

  • The musicians: Iain Mann, Alexi Glickman, Lorenzo Farrell, Jeremy Black, Rob Mills, Cody Rhodes, Xo Mai Eng-Mann
  • Produced by Alexi Glickman and Iain Mann
  • Mixed by Alexi Glickman and David Glasebrook 
  • Mastered by David Glasebrook
  • All songs written by Iain Mann except 'Minor Meditation' by Iain Mann and Alexi Glickman
  • Artwork by William Gaynor
  • Layout by Aaron Hubbard

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