BARD'S FLYING VESSEL — Nightfall Generator

BARD'S FLYING VESSEL — Nightfall Generator

Album showcase March 4th at Alphaville, NYC

Formed by Joey Dussault, Matt Dwyer, and Aaron Swartz, Brooklyn band Bard’s Flying Vessel owe as much of their influence to the garage rock basements of Boston as to John Carpenter films.

Having become friends in college in Boston, the three wound up in Brooklyn and began jamming together, pulling ideas from each of their own interests.

Out of the forest, onto the dusty plains, Nightfall Generator, the new mini-album from Bard’s Flying Vessel, has a vast, natural sound, something like a tequila sunset dipping behind a giant mesa.

Recorded by the band in Brooklyn, NY, and mixed and mastered by David Glasebrook in Oakland, CA, it’s the group’s second release on Royal Oakie, following their debut album from 2021.

Inspired by trips to the Moab Desert and watching Westerns, the quintet mix twangy guitar riffs with driving percussion, blending the whole trip together with dreamlike harmonies.

This is Nightfall Generator. The night is not over yet…

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Matt Dwyer - Vocals, synthesizers, guitar, tambourine

Aaron Swartz - Guitar, drums, wind chimes

Joey Dussault - Guitar, piano

Bosch Akram - Drums

Sarang Joshi - Bass

Engineering by Matt Dwyer and Aaron Swartz

Mixed and mastered by David Glasebrook

Art by Stephanie Cafarella

  • Single Barrows releases February 10th 2023 - out now
  • Single Devil's In the Garden releases February 24th 2023
  • BFV will play an album release show March 4th 2023 at Alphaville in New York City
  • Mini-Album Nightfall Generator releases digitally March 3rd 2023 on Royal Oakie
  • Cassette release expected from March 31st 2023

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